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Hi! My name is Jesse, and I live in Arlington, MA.  As part of my upcoming bar mitzvah, I’m doing both a mitzvah project and a tzedakah project. For my mitzvah project, I’m collecting used baseball and softball equipment for Pitch in for Baseball & Softball (PIBS) – an organization that gets baseball and softball equipment to kids who are in need around the world.  They also set up baseball and softball games for Israeli and Palestinian kids so they can get to know each other.  

Baseball is important to me, and I want all the kids who want to play baseball to be able to play.  I love playing baseball and I also love reading about baseball and baseball statistics – it’s my favorite thing in the world.  

If you have used baseball or softball equipment you don’t need, and it’s in usable condition, please let me know! You can drop it off in a box on my porch (message my mom if you need the address – miracb AT gmail DOT com) or I can pick it up if you’re in Greater Boston.  If you’re not local, or don’t have any equipment you can donate, I’m also running a fundraiser for PIBS for my tzedakah project.  Here is the link to donate money to my PIBS tzedakah project.  

If you’d like to donate equipment, PIBS most needs:

  • Softball equipment
  • Helmets
  • Catcher’s gear
  • Baseballs/softballs
  • USA bats
  • Gloves RH/LH throw (12”+)
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